Why Digital Scrapbooking & Crafting?

Julia Andrus Hybrid ScrapbookingIf you are reading this, then you know just how much computers have infiltrated our lives. I no longer own a radio, buy postage stamps, or read the newspaper; my computer has replaced all of these. My crafting hobbies haven’t escaped the lure of technology either. How thrilling to discover that technology can be for everyone and not nearly as intimidating as I first thought, in fact it’s simple. I have embraced this next generation of crafting and have moved forward with the excitement of a child in a candy store. However, if you were like me, this new realm intimidates you too, but don’t fear we are here to help!

WISGAT? While in broadcasting school I learned a great word (sort of), “WISGAT!” Translation: What is so great about that? So here’s the latest WISGAT on digital.

On Demand Supplies — No more leaving your home to make a quick trip to the store.

Bottomless Supplies — You can use the same digital paper or embellishment over and over again.

Cost Effective — Even if you use the digital paper or embellishment only once, the cost is less than its physical counterpart.

Space Management — How wonderful that all your supplies fit into one little box, your computer.

Time Effective — No more wasted time dragging out all your supplies only to have to put them away so you can eat dinner on the table.

Customizable — If your digital paper or embellishment doesn’t quite match, you can change the colors and size to fit your needs.

No Waste — Print only what you need for each project.

No Mistakes — You can change your digital paper or embellishment at any stage of the process and not worry about the layer beneath it being ruined by glue, unless you are doing a hybrid project.

Supplies needed to be a Digital or Hybrid scrapbooker or crafter:

Mac or PC with available RAM. In fact the more RAM the better.

Choose a program that supports digital images and layers. We use Adobe Photoshop, but you can also use programs such as Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, and Digital Image Pro just to name a few. Or for the technology savvy try GIMP, it’s free!

Depending on the quality you want will depend on the type of printer you will need. However, a simple 8 ½” x 11” color, ink-jet printer works well for most needs. There are large format printers available, but there are also great solutions online for sending your files out to be printed.

DVD/CD Burner
Backing up your files is a must! Why spend money on supplies only to lose them with a computer failure? However, digital supplies bought through JuliaAndrus.com can be replaced, if you happen to lose your files send us an email and we’ll send you your files.

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