Watercolor Stamp Method

This is a simple way to get the look of hand-painted watercolors using stamps.
Choosing the right stamp is important to this process. Choose stamps that have a lot of positive space in the image, not too much fine detail or the image will get lost in the process. These samples were made on Marvelous Matte Paper (MMP).


rubber stamp ( I used the flower from the Petal Party Stamp Set)
dye based ink (I used “Vivid” from Clearsnap: Hot Red, Orange, Straw, Coffee Bean)
fine mist water sprayer
sponge or applications tool (I used Ranger’s Ink Blending Tool)


Step 1. Load the stamp with ink. To create a multi-colored image use an applicator or water base marker to put the color on the stamp.

Step 2. Discharge some of the ink by stamping lightly on a paper towel or paper.

Step 3. Lightly mist the stamp with water and stamp, lifting the stamp straight up after stamping.

Step 4. Repeat this spraying and stamping until the desired look is achieved.


You can get 3-4 images from one ink application. It depends on how intense you want the color. Just stop when you reach the desired intensity.

The Ink Blending Tool from Ranger is great for making blended colors on stamps as well as blending on paper (or whatever!). I cut up the pads and use them in smaller sections. I keep a little container of the pads and use them for just that color. They last a long time and offer some great possibilities for blended design work.

For a really special look, dust the stamped image with Perfect Pearls while it is still damp. This will create luminous highlights. Try this – its very beautiful!

Using MMP will leave the image slightly embossed after this process.

Printable PDF Instructions

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