Postage Stamp Pillow Pendant


Perfect Pearls (interference kit, aged patina kit)
Perfect Fabric Medium
Liquid Stitch
Color Wash
Muslin Fabric
(2 pieces big enough for the artwork plus 1” boarder)
lightweight batting or cotton balls
1 Yd. ¼” satin cord
color copy of the artwork
(small square from a kitchen sponge)
2” eye pin


Transferring the Image to the Fabric:

Step 1. Cut the artwork out leaving a ¼” border all around.

Step 2. Apply Perfect Fabric Medium the front of the image with a brush. Brush in both directions for good coverage and immediately place face down on the fabric and burnish to be sure the edges are well adhered. Allow to dry for several minutes, then take a warm iron to the other side of the fabric (never iron directly on the transfer) until completely dry.

Step 3. Place a piece of scrap paper over the image and spray Color Wash around the image. You can dampen the fabric first with a spray bottle for softer colors and/or blot with a paper towel for some variations. Color the back muslin square in the same way. Press with a warm iron to completely dry.

Step 4. Remove the paper backing from the image by spraying lightly with water and use a piece of a kitchen sponge to LIGHTLY rub in a circular motion to lift the paper. Dry with a warm iron and repeat the process. It is very important to dry the transfer between water applications.

Tip: How much paper is removed depends on how distressed you want the image to appear. Smooth fabrics such as satin and chintz allow for a very smooth transfer. Using muslin creates more of an aged and distressed canvas effect.

Assembling the Pendent:

Step 1. Fold the cording in half and lay it on the back muslin piece.

Step 2. Apply Liquid Stitch to the edges, leaving the top open and allowing for a small loop of cord to hang out at the bottom. Let dry and trim with decorative scissors if desired. Careful not to trim the loop off.

Step 3. Put beads on the eyepin and attach to the small cord loop.

Step 4. Stuff with batting or cotton balls and use Liquid Stitch to seal the top seam. Hold shut with a small paper clamp or paper clip till dry.

Note: This necklace is fine if the cord is simply tied in a knot instead of attaching jewelry findings. However, if desired use 2- flat crimp fasteners on the ends of the cords and attach a clasp.

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