Perfect Aged Patina Kit Recipes

Patinas are the natural effects of age and exposure that can occur on most any surface. Use Aged Patina pigments to create these looks on paper, fabric and clay; and to create your own faux- jewelry and hardware pieces.

Copper or Bronze Patina

Base color: Perfect Pearl Copper or Bronze on dark or russet papers. Rub paper with Perfect Medium and dust with the base color, then apply Patina Green and Patina Blue. Set with a fine mist of water.

Gun Metal Blue

Base Color: Perfect Pearl Pearl on black paper. Rub Paper with Perfect Medium or spray with Perfect Ink Refresher for a smoother look. Dust with the base color and add Perfect Pearl Patina Blue and Patina Green. Use a paper towel to rub down to the black paper in places for more variation.

Polymer Clay Patina

Best general clay patina: Perfect Pearl Pewter and Heritage Gold. However, use any of the Aged Patina colors that best coordinate with the clay color to add natural looking aged effects. The Perfect Pearls will set while the clay is curing. Use PolyGlaze for pieces that will be handled a lot.


Use black paper. Rub with Perfect Medium and dust with Perfect Pearl Pewter. Buff off with a paper towel and reapply Perfect Pearl Pewter and Heritage Gold. Buff off to the desired finish and set with a fine mist of water..


Rub Perfect Medium or spray Perfect Ink Refresher onto dark paper and brush on a base of choice. Stipple Perfect Pearl Bronze or Copper over the top and add a small amount of Perfect Pearl Patina Green if desired.

Textured Metal or Rust

Mix Glossy Accents with a little water and Perfect Pearl Bronze. Add clear or colored embossing powder to create a gritty paint. Stipple onto any color paper and dust with Perfect Pearl Patina colors while tacky.

Gold and Silver Leaf

Mix equal amount of Glossy Accent and water, add Perfect Pearl Gold or Pearl and mix well. Apply with the large Perfect Pearls’ brush using a “crosshatch” motion (go light on the touch! Paint one way and then the opposite direction over the top.) Do this while the paint is drying & it will create lines and ridges like metal leafing. While it is still tacky, use your finger to rub Perfect Pearl Patina Blue or Green over the piece.

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