All About Perfect Pearls and Perfect Medium

Artists and crafters alike have had a long standing love affair with luminous, iridescent and pearlescent color. Luminous pigments have been available in two main categories; dry powdered pigments (including pressed cakes), and pre-mixed wet paints. These dry, powdered pigments require some sort of medium such as gum arabic, glues or acrylic mediums to be added or they will not adhere to surfaces. Dry cakes include binders but are not good for blending with other mediums. When adding mediums to dry powders, the correct balance of pigment to medium can be quite challenging even for an experienced artist.Pre-mixed, wet pigments of this type are translucent and rule out any opaque applications. Some of these pigments have extended drying times, even up to days. As with all pre-mixed paints, opacity and viscosity are pre determined, sacrificing a certain amount of versatility. There is also the risk of wet paint drying out in the container and waste is often an issue.

Perfect Pearls

Perfect Pearls were created to address the limitations and challenges associated with these other types of pigments. Perfect Pearls are dry, luminous, powdered pigments with an excellent balance of resins and binders built into the powders. They can be mixed with only water to form a variety of paints, glazes, smooth flowing calligraphy inks, etc… The dry time after being mixed with water is moments. The artist controls the viscosity and Perfect Pearls can be mixed opaque to shear. They are acid free and archival safe.

Perfect Pearls are extremely friendly when mixed with other mediums such as water colors, acrylic paints, water base inks, embossing paste, heat set inks for fabric, and dusted dry over Perfect Medium. They can be dusted over air dry and polymer clays before curing for brilliant results.

Because Perfect Pearls are water soluble they can be mixed wet, allowed to dry in a non- porous container, then re-wetted again for further use. This eliminates waste and makes for great versatility. They are extremely economical and lend themselves to countless water base processes, previously accomplished by using much more complicated methods and a variety of additional chemicals and mediums.

Perfect Pearls Sparkles

Like Perfect Pearls, except each Perfect Pearls Sparkle contains a pigmented color (Raspberry, True Blue, Lemon Yellow and Pearl Sparkle) as well as loads of mica glitter! The binders in these powders are heavier and require a few moments more when mixing with water – but the effects are brilliant! Perfect Sparkles are great using the “dusting” method, but they are most spectacular when used wet as a transparent wash, finishing glaze or as a paint.

Perfect Medium

Perfect Medium was designed for use with Perfect Pearls, but it provides a variety of other uses. It looks like a stamp pad but it is not an ink. It is a resin base artists’ medium. After stamping, lightly brush Perfect Pearls over the image , dust off excess powder for a luminous finish. All the fine lines and details of the stamp are perfectly rendered. For most applications no fixatives and finishing sprays are needed and the powders will be quite stable within minutes. For projects getting a lot of handling such as bookmarks or book pages, an acid free fixative is recommended.

Perfect Medium is also an excellent choice for stamp and scrapbook artists. It can be used to water-mark on paper, resist on glossy paper, as an embossing ink, and will set chalks and pastels permanently. Very versatile and eliminates the need for several other products.

Together, Perfect Pearls and Perfect Medium offer simple and exciting creative possibilities as well being economical and have improved upon many other products.

Black Perfect Medium

Now you can “dust” on any color paper and get vibrant results. Regular Perfect Medium creates a pastel look on lighter shades of paper. Perfect Pearls pigments show up more brilliantly and defined on dark papers. Black Perfect Medium creates a dark image that allows Perfect Pearls to show up more brightly. It also makes a great black embossing ink.

Perfect Pens

Perfect Medium in a pen! Comes in a set with two pens – one bullet for journaling or lettering and one brush tip for use with stencils and fill in designing. The pens set very stable and rarely need fixatives. They are an excellent for scrapbooking and free hand designing. Use them to fill in stamped images and apply Perfect Pearls.

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