Dry Glazing

Dry Glazing

This is a beautiful and simple technique that creates a luminous finish with very little effort. The supply list is as short as this process is easy!


Flower Blanks (or any cardstock)
Perfect Pearls (any color I used Pearl, which is silvery)
Chalk Inks by Color Box TM
These inks dry a little slower so the Perfect Pearls can grab on. However, my favorite is “Vivid” dye inks, also from Colorbox. They move around on the paper beautifully and come in eight billion colors (O.K., not quite…)
Fine Mist Spray Bottle with water


Step 1. Use a sponge to rub the ink into the paper.

step one applying inks

Step 2. With a dry brush, apply Perfect Pearls pigment powders. Brush off the excess powder.

step 2 applying perfect pearls

Step 3. Spray the piece with a light mist of water to set the pigments and allow it to dry completely. You can use a heat gun to ensure the pigment ink is dried also.

step 3 spritz paper with water

Before and After Perfect Pearls.

Before and After


Try using a heavier spray of water (use slow pressure to make it “splatter”) to create a mottled effect.

Try this technique over a finished piece by rubbing clear Perfect Medium or clear embossing ink over the piece; then apply Perfect Pearls and mist with water to set. You can make some really cool finishes this way.

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