Butterfly Mask


paper mache mask
Perfect Fabric Medium
Perfect Pearls (heirloom gold)
Color Wash (stream)
Archival stamp pad
Liquid Stitch

Muslin fabric
collage photo
loopy brads
fibers and/or ribbons
art stamps


Step 1. Make a transparent paint using Color Wash and water (50/50), and then paint the back of the mask. Set aside to dry.

Step 2. Cut out and closely trim the butterfly art. Paint the front of the butterfly with Perfect Fabric Medium and quickly lay face down on the fabric and burnish in place, getting the edges adhered well.

Step 3. Use a warm iron and press from the fabric side to completely dry. Do not press directly on the transfer at any time – always on the reverse side.

Step 4. To color the fabric, spray lightly with water and the paint from step 1. To create differences in the shading and mottling, blot with a paper towel in places. To create splatters, spray directly from the Color Wash spray bottle. Pump slowly to get the most splatters

Step 5. Mix Perfect Pearls (Heirloom Gold) with a small amount of water initially, and then add perfect Fabric Medium to make a creamy paint. Paint several “patches” of gold on the fabric. Wait to dry or use a heat tool to quicken the process.

Step 6. Stamp using Archival Inks.

Step 7. To remove the transfer, spray with a light mist of water and begin rubbing in a circular motion on the middle of the transfer. Work from the inside out so as not to lift the edges. Take off the first layer of paper this way. Always dry the transfer between water applications. Iron on the wrong side of the fabric or use a heat tool to the front.

Step 8. Paint Liquid Stitch on the mask and mold fabric around the mask. Trim off the excess fabric.

Step 9. Finish by adding loopy brads, tag, and fiber and/or ribbons.

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