Breast Cancer Entry Twenty-Three

I am focusing on the fight. I have been depressed for weeks and I have had enough! I went to talk to Paige; my coach and friend and a wonderful therapist when I need him.
He was gifted as usual and gave me lots of perspective and insight. The one thing he said that really effected me was that everything I needed was there and that I just had to recognize it and have it. I totally believed him.

I started to meditate and pray more, and read inspiring books. I am really focusing on my faith, healing and positive thoughts. It’s a lot of mental work! I’ve been creatively bombarded the last few days. My mind is full of art images and project ideas. It is so good to have this part of me active again. I went up into the studio and worked with Cari and Steph (my employees) it was soooooo great!

I got an advanced copy of my book. Goodness, it’s beautiful! I was so happy to finally hold it in my hands after a year of hard work. This really perked me up.

My husband has been kind and attentive. He plays games with me every night or we watch a movie together. My kids call every day, especially my daughter. I told them I was depressed so they are coming to my rescue I think.

Friends have come to talk more, help more, and make me feel not so lonely.
It has been weeks since I have felt hopeful, but I feel hopeful today and it feels so good.
Everything I need seems to be showing up. I am eating very carefully, exercising every day and forcing my thoughts away from the depression. It is actually working and I had a few giggles with friends today. My daughter sent me some hilarious cards in the mail.
I am pulling myself out of the mire….hard work, but I can do it. I have to do it.

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