Breast Cancer Entry Twenty-Nine

I have been constantly thinking about my beliefs since the elephants!
My family (on both sides) has been bombarded with cancer for generations. Last summer I attended the funeral of one of my first cousins who died of cancer. ALL my uncles and my one aunt on my dad’s side (including my dad and my brother) have had or are battling cancer (my dad was cured 5 years ago and my brother is battling his right now also). One of my grandmas and one of my grandpas died from cancer. Four of my great Aunts and uncles died from cancer and so on…

I was thinking about what I have learned about caring for my body and about preventing cancer by having a healthy lifestyle, environment, and diet. I can’t help but think my family will really benefit from this knowledge. Imagine if my children and grandchildren learned the importance of keeping their weight within 10 pounds of goal; and about eating fresh whole foods, about exercising (brisk walking will do) 3-5 miles a week, which the docs say can cut the chances of getting cancer by 30 – 50%! Imagine how they might benefit if they learned to live with respect and love for their bodies and weeded out the unnecessary stress. Imagine how happy they would be if they honored the gift of life in this way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could stop this insidious disease from taking any more of my family members (and yours) to an early death?

I had this thought today; what is the point of learning all this if no one truly heals?
I know these lessons are important but they can’t just be there to teach us to die gracefully – although I know some of us are called upon to do just that. What if some of us are meant to do more than survive? What if some of us are meant to transcend disease and truly heal – deeply? What if our journeys refine us and lift up those we love and those around us and those who serve us? I am realizing these lessons are essential for living well, regardless of when death calls, but we don’t see enough of healing and I would like this journey to mean that in my life and in the lives of my children and grandchildren.

P.S. The critters have infiltrated my thoughts! They show up in many of my meditations – lovely creatures with more wisdom than any Sage. I was taking a nap the other day and I swear I could feel this lovely “she” wolf lying next to me. She’s quite protective it turns out. It was extremely comforting. It’s like I know her…I’m sure we have never met before and I am sure a therapist would have a hay day with an explanation for my feelings, but I am enjoying this freedom of thought.

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