Breast Cancer Entry Thirty-Three

My best friend Gayle flies in and tends me so Monty can get a little work done.
In spite of the trauma, pain and emotion I am dealing with; Gayle and I manage to laugh and get our minds off this ordeal. One night I can’t sleep and Gayle hears me get up – I am in the front yard gazing at the most amazing sky. It is slightly cool outside and there is a brilliant moon peaking out between the mountains. There are wispy clouds and faint stars –just beautiful. So we stand in the yard and talk and share this midnight moment as best friends and finally we go inside because we are barefoot and it’s a little chilly. We start talking and we go into my bedroom closet to get something and Monty wakes up and walks in – and there Gayle and I are in the closet in the middle of the night. It struck Gayle and me as hilarious. Monty just waved and went back to bed. We had to stifle our hysterical laughter. What are best friends for?

The next day Gayle and I are laying on my bed watching an old movie for a little diversion and she says her contacts are killing her and she has to “take my eyes out”. So she makes a little joke and pretends to take her eyes out, literally. She pretends to juggle her eyeballs and we laugh and then the race is on. We are so silly! I pretend I am shooting marbles (with one of her imaginary eyeballs of course) and then she stands up on the edge of the bed and pretends to slam-dunk an eyeball into the chandelier. I pull out the pocket in my shirt and pretend to catch an eyeball in my pocket. Finally she looks at me and I have my tongue in my cheek so it looks like I have one of those eyeballs in my mouth. We giggle like school girls and I am so glad I have her as a friend. We are so girlish sometime and the laughter is wonderful.

I talk Gayle into taking me to my favorite gift shop to get a little shower gift. She says I shouldn’t be up like that, but I say it’s been a whole week since the surgery and I feel pretty good and it’ll only take a minute. While we are there I go to pull my shirt down and I accidentally catch the tube to the drain in my hand and I yank it down with my shirt and pull it out of the wound. Blood starts flowing immediately. The store owner (my friend, Robin) gets some paper towels and Gayle drives me home to contact the doctor.
I call the doctor and she arranges to meet me at the office. Monty is at a football game with my dad and I can’t reach him, so Gayle and I go the doctor. The doctor has to pull the drain early and now I have to be more careful than ever – relax more, keep ice on the wounds, etc…Gayle is upset because she took me. I think I’ll be just fine. Maybe I should have been more prudent – too late now.

Gayle goes home and I am lonely without her but she did so much to lift my spirits.
It was good for Monty to get a little break as well.

Family and friends have been attentive. My friends have brought the most delicious meals for us. I am so grateful and it means so much to me.
I am going to get through this as well as I can. I have so much to be grateful for.

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