Breast Cancer Entry Thirty-Eight

My friends at our local ABC network called and asked me to be on “Good Things Utah” (the local pre-show before The View airs) to show off my book and do some crafts. I used to do quite a bit of media work before I got sick, but it’s been at least a year since I have been on TV. Anyway, it was a blast! I had totally forgotten how much fun my career could be. I am soooo ready to get involved again. I can’t do too much though because I am still doing chemo therapy and my strength is not optimum. I am also looking at a big re-constructive surgery this summer, so I have to take good care of myself for a while. Still, I am going to try and do a little more. I miss my life…Everyone has been so wonderful to me this year. I would like to give some of it back.

It’s amazing how that one day has brightened me up. I think it’s important to do things that make one happy and break the spell of this awful situation. I am going to try and have more fun! Doesn’t that sound good for anyone? Lets all have a great day today.

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