Breast Cancer Entry Four

I had not been feeling energetic and had put on weight over the last several years, so about 18 months ago I decided to do something about my general health and sought out the best preventative care team I could find. Pioneer Comprehensive Medical Clinic is about 20 minutes from my home. The director of the clinic is a nationally recognized physician, Dr. Hugo Rodier, who specializes in preventative health care. You’ll have to pick someone else to put you in the hospital. He also teaches at the University of Utah medical school and has a weekly radio show devoted to helping people change their lifestyles in favor of better health. My HMO doctor, Dr. June, is good friends with him and highly supported me. Best of all, he is now covered under my insurance plan, thank goodness. When I started, the clinic was not on my plan and cost me a small fortune. It was worth every penny.

The clinic includes a perfect collection of devoted health care specialist; 3 Physicians assistants who share Dr. Rodier’s vision and in whom he has complete trust, 2 chiropractors, a physical therapist, a Chinese doctor and acupuncture specialist, and nutrition and lifestyle coaches. The clinic offers a variety of workshops and classes about alternative health care approaches, and practitioners to go with them. There is a lab, and an in-house store selling quality nutritional products as well as hard to find herbs and remedies.

The staff and nurses and technicians are amazingly human and caring and they know their stuff. If I told you all the people I have know who have been cured or in the very least greatly improved from serious illness and health problems after being treated by this amazing team it would take hours. Suffice it to say, they are miracle workers in my mind and they were there for me when I needed them the most. I did loose 65 pounds and felt better than I had in years, but I had a nagging cough and sinusitis that kept reoccurring for which no cause was clearly evident. Looking back it was probably this cancer weakening my immune system but nothing showed in blood work (such is the nature of this little beast).

After learning the facts about my cancer, I called the clinic and made an appointment with my favorite PA, Jarrod Bagley, whom I already knew had a passion for helping cancer patients. We talked forever and he filled me with hope and provided a battery of statistics I probably wouldn’t get from my traditional cancer doctors; statistics about changing my diet immediately and about what nutrients to take that would strengthen my healthy cells and not the cancer cells. He had me start a very specific enzyme program that was designed to soften the hard protein walls of the cancer cells. He said it could help the chemotherapy hit the mark and kill the cancer, as well as pave the way for my own immune system to recognize the invaders and get to work. He had hundreds of case studies of patients who had responded to this cancer protocol and been cured of their cancer. This cancer protocol did not interfere with the traditional chemotherapy protocol I would be doing. It felt right to combine the therapies and I never felt good about not doing the chemotherapy. I felt guided and at peace with these decisions.

So I went home and started the protocol. Started an alkaline based diet (cancer doesn’t thrive in an alkaline environment – a well documented fact) with lots of organic cruciferous vegetable and fruit and very little oils or grains. I could have a little brown rice and fish. Boring, but I don’t care if it will help save my life. I have started on the path to healing. It felt marvelous to do something pro-active for myself. I stopped and bought a fortune of organic foods on the way home, not to mention the nutrients and herbs I left the clinic with. I was worth it and I felt like I had been blessed because these relationships were already in my life and there when I needed them. The universe has already been in motion on my behalf. I am going to get better. Better than ever. Would it be premature if I said thank you now?

© 2007 Julia Andrus

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