Breast Cancer Entry Eighteen

I am calling this “Miracle One” because I am expecting more.

It has been a hard sickening month and I have two chemo treatments. Today was a check up with the doctor before chemo #3.

Did she really say those words!!?? “Amazing”, “Remarkable”, “You should be highly encouraged”. The changes in my tissue are remarkable. There are no clinical signs of this disease today! No redness, no thickness, no lumps, no swollen lymphs…nothing.
Hate to get personal, but my breasts look exactly the same (they’re not bad either!). The doctor was clearly pleased and quite surprised. She said my response to therapy so far was the best I could ever have hoped for. I try to force feed her information about the rest of my protocol that I believe is helping me respond so well (the enzymes, diet, daily exercise, message, acupuncture, prayer, etc…), but I am finding the traditional medical environment is overwhelmed and not that receptive to this holistic approach. It’s disappointing. I see so many patients suffering in that chemo room and I know they could be helped with the side-effects more.

Anyway today is a day of thanksgiving! Thank you to God; my husband, my friends and family, to all the strangers who care about me, to the medical personnel who have served me so lovingly, to the chemists who have devoted themselves to “the cure”, to my team of holistic practitioners, to the people that grow the herbs, to everyone, and everything. Thank you for giving me this little miracle. Tears never felt so good.

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