Breast Cancer Entry Eight

My twin sister, Jean is worried about me. She cries on the phone and is trying to be brave, but she is scared for me. She is a professor at a college and has many friends some of which she has expressed her concern for me to.

Today a package came in the mail from a friend of my sisters – a woman I have never met who was filled with kindness and compassion for me. Jean told her about my disease and about me donating my hair and becoming bald. The woman is a Muslim from Africa and wraps her hair in beautiful scarves and sent me a box of gorgeous scarves to wrap on my head. She took pictures and made me a CD so I could see some of the artful ways these scarves can be worn. Jean sent along some beautiful broaches to pin to the scarves and some other “pressies”. I was so touched by the kindness of this stranger and by my sister’s concern. I love these scarves; they feel more honest than that wig. The wig feels like pretending.

I have received dozens or cards and e-mails already. My best pal Suze Weinberg sent me a cozy pink wrap to stay warm in during chemo or whenever. Gayle brought me a pile of frog items….I took her to Paris and London this summer and my friends in Paris took us to dinner at a very fine restaurant, but Gayle was totally grossed out by the escargot ( my personal favorite!) and the frog legs. Unfortunately, graciousness required her to at least taste the expensive (but gross) meal my friends had provided and now frogs have become quite a source of laughter between us. I am now the proud owner of a frog water bottle, a fat frog plush animal that croaks a French and English song, a frog puppet which has now been re-classified as a “candle cozy” after it was put over a candle and a few hilarious frog themed cards.

I am amazed at the phone calls and caring support that has begun to flow into my life.
It is wonderful to know so many people care about me

© 2007 Julia Andrus

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