Breast Cancer Intro

Julia On The BlockSo many friends, family, students, colleges, and kind supporters contact me every day to encourage me and see how I am doing now that the word is out that I was diagnosed with breast cancer last February.

I was hoping to produce a blog to keep everyone updated, but the last several months I have spent most my days in a careful regime designed to ward off the potentially dangerous side effects of these chemo treatments and I have found it difficult to get down to my studio to get this done. I started the last 2 months of my intense chemo regime two weeks ago and I am recovering somewhat from the first set. This new set of treatments is not as damaging as the first set, so I have more energy and more stamina for sharing with all of you.

I never knew how much I really didn’t know about breast cancer until it was my turn. It has been an amazing journey thus far and I feel compelled to share it. I don’t know if I have anything special to offer or not, but I open my experience and my heart to my sisters on this planet hoping this will make some difference and spare someone else a difficult or tragic journey.

Too many of us will be effected by this disease and the numbers are rising. It is time to take preventative steps as well as proactive steps as patients to rid our lives of breast cancer. It is time to put to good use our collective feminine spirit and use our healing, nurturing energies to stop to this disease that is robbing children of their mothers, spouse of their sweethearts, grandchildren of their grandmothers, and women of their lifestyles and contributions. There is much to do to make this happen and I think education is the key – so I make this humble offering of information. It will be worth it if just one other woman benefits.

I’ve kept a journal of my experiences thus far which I am attempting to put together in a cohesive way to share now. Forgiving my lack of literary abilities and have patience as I try to explain my journey. I hope this will suffice as the update I owe so many people. Please keep calling, writing, praying and meditating on my behalf. I do feel it and I need the association. I just have too many people to contact and the task is a little impossible for me right now. I hope you understand.

Thanks for caring and I love every one of you!

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© Julia Andrus

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