All About Perfect Ink Refresher

Perfect Ink Refresher was developed by myself and Ranger Industries to help extend the life of water-base markers (Tombow, Marvy, Pentel, etc..), and stamp ink pads. Many times, even when stamp pads are re-inked, the pad does not spring back to life. I discovered that often the pads needed moisture and not more pigment. It also seemed a waste of pigment to saturate the pad when replacing some moisture was needed also.

Even for water-base inks, water is not a good choice to re-hydrate pads because it evaporates and can produce bacteria. Water also dilutes many pigment colors and can make certain pads and marker cores soggy. Water should never be put on pigment pads.

Perfect Ink Refresher (PIR) is a combination of mediums and hydrants already in most Ranger ink products, as well as an anti-fungicide. These mediums replenish the moisture that was originally mixed with the pigments to make them last in the pad, flow smoothly, and resist bacteria. The components in PIR will re-hydrate Ranger dye (water) base ink products as well as Ranger pigment ink pads, except for: metallic pads.

I have tested PIR with many other dye base ink pads from other companies and have had great success with compatibility. Other brand pigment pads should be tested. I suggest testing any other product that is not manufactures by Ranger. We tried to make a formula that would be very friendly, but it’s hard to guess what other companies have for ingredients – So if in doubt, test first.

PIR also makes a great art medium when applied to matte paper. It deposits oil into the skin of the paper and some wonderful things happen when Perfect Pearls are applied over the top.

Tips for application

To Hydrate Water-Base Markers:

With sturdy tweezers or small pliers pull the nib and the back plug from the holder. Use an eyedropper to deposit 5-10 drops (depending on how dry your pen is) in both ends. Re-insert the nib and put the plug back in. Let rest an hour so the felt has time to absorb the fluids. Sometimes it takes only minutes if the core is not completely dry and other times longer. You’ll be amazed by the return of vibrant color.

To Hydrate Stamp Ink Pads:

Don’t be thinking more is better. If you pad is really dry, hold the bottle 8-10 inches away and spritz 2-3 times, that’s all you need usually. Then re-ink. If your pad is not totally dry, just spritz on PIR. Turn the pad upside down about 10 minutes to pull pigment back to the surface. This is a great treatment for rainbow pads. PIR goes a long way.

To Use as an Art Medium:

Spritz PIR on matte paper. It will deposit a layer of oil onto the skin of the paper that allows for more versatility. Next, I like to mix up some Perfect Pearls with water to form creamy paints. Paint random dabs or stripes onto the paper. Spritz with a fine mist ofwater and manipulate the paper to cause running, or crumple a paper towel and lightly blot to create texture and lines (my personal favorite).

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