All About Perfect Fabric Medium

Perfect Fabric Medium (PMF) is a versatile medium that can be used to create many different effects on textiles as well as other craft surfaces. It is water soluble during application and permanent when dry. It can be used to create custom paints, transfer ink jet or color copy images, or fix stamped images on fabric. PFM has a slightly luminous quality and creates beautiful shimmering paint when added to Perfect Pearl pigments. Paint, stamp, sponge, or brayer on fabric – can be heat set with an iron. PFM can also air dry for 72 hours to set. Pre-wash fabric if the project is wearable art.

Image Transferring:

To create the look of vintage fabric or aged canvas paintings; PFM can be used to transfer ink jet or photocopy images to fabric and other craft surfaces (wood, paper mache, prepped glass or dominos, etc…) Prep slick surfaces by lightly sanding or you can soak dominos for a few minutes in bleach to remove the finish.

Luminous Paints:

To create luminous paints; add any Perfect Pearls to PFM and mix – water can be added to thin the paint. To create transparent fabric glazes; add any Perfect Pearls Interference color to PFM.

Creating Custom Colors:

There are several ways to create custom colors using PFM.


Use water-base markers (Marvy, Tombow, LaPlum, Adirondack Pens , etc…) In a small plastic cup or palette cup, draw in it to discharge the ink. Add PFM to the cup. You can add water to get a washed look.

Color Wash Sprays:

Spray some Color Wash into a small plastic cup or palette cup and add PFM. You can add water to create a washed look.


Use any water base re-inker and PFM

Traditional Fabric Dyes & Tints:

Use liquid dyes and tints and add to PFM in a small cup

Fabric Finishing & Stabilizing:

This is especially nice if you want to create the look of a small painting or if you want a luminous topcoat or to stabilize the fabric. Just apply plain PFM as the last step or use as a glaze with color added. To stop fraying, brush PFM on the edges of ribbon or fabric & let dry before using. You can also paint on fabric and then cut with a die-cut machine without worry of fraying or tearing.

Fabric Prep:

To prep fabric by giving it a smoother surface, apply PFM and let dry. This creates a great surface to stamp, journal, or draw on.

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